Our Technology

The EcoBike is powered by an innovative hub-mounted, brushless permanent magnet motor with a triple planetary gear drive system and proprietary heat resistant materials. The propulsion system delivers the highest torque and is the quietest in its class. Each gear in the motor is individually cut by precision CNC machinery, and each motor is hand wound and tested, ensuring the highest quality. Operating an EcoBike is virtually silent, with no emissions.

The Zero-Smart-Start speed controller delivers ease of use and smooth drive control and offers a multi-function variable speed output. It is state of the art, producing consistent efficient power between the battery and motor. The automatic Pedal Assist mode produces a power burst that dramatically assists the pedaling effort. The Zero-Smart-Start electronic throttle system allows the rider to relax and not pedal at all.  EcoBikes are the only electric bikes to offer Pedal Assist, Zero-Smart-Start throttle, and the on/off switch all on the handgrip.

EcoBike electric bikes have been specially designed with the daily commuter in mind. The frame is constructed from a high-strength, lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy that maximizes safety and durability. The enhanced frame design features comfort ergo-geometry that is more upright than a traditional mountain or road bike. This keeps the back straighter and relieves stress on the shoulders, arms, and back.  The cycling experience is enhanced because longer distances can be achieved with less fatigue. Every EcoBike electric bike is outfitted with suspension, front forks (except Vatavio), and seat post, delivering a smoother ride.