About EcoBike

EcoBike is an international manufacturer of high-quality electric bikes.  EcoBikes have been the premier electric bikes in Europe since 2005.  Since being made available purchase in the U.S., they have taken the market by storm. 

EcoBike is committed to providing the highest quality electric bikes on the market today.  EcoBike’s international design team focuses on the everyday rider who seeks both dependability and comfort, without sacrificing style.  They have drawn on their extensive experience in the industry and willingness to innovate to produce an unparalleled product – the EcoBike.

The EcoBike philosophy is rooted in a commitment to quality and innovation.   Like many electric bike riders, EcoBike aims to reduce the fuel-dependent economy.   EcoBikes enable people to do so, while increasing their health, enjoying the outdoors, reducing environmental harm, and saving money.  Riding an EcoBike is not only enjoyable, but it is good for you and the world.